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Bob Haefliger

Bob Haefliger
Editor & Publisher

Founded by avid traveler Bob Haefliger in late 2007, CruisePortInsider.com launched in September 2008 to help cruise ship passengers plan a great day in the ports they'll be visiting on their cruise.

Initially, the site focused on Mexican Riviera ports. Since then, we've added information on ports located in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Alaska, Pacific Coast and Panama Canal routes. We currently cover 42 interesting and exciting ports.

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We Help Cruise Passengers Plan A Great Day In Port...

Whether you're going on an excursion offered by your Cruise Line--or exploring the port on your own--we arm you with the information you need to know to make your day in port fun and rewarding.

We've Got The Most Complete Coverage on Shore Trips...

  • We tell you what you'll be riding in, and how long it'll take to get there

  • We tell you how much time you'll spend actually doing what you signed up to do

  • We tell you what to bring--and sometimes, what not to bring

  • We provide star ratings for many excursions, based on the experiences and feedback of the CruisePortInsider.com community

  • We tell you what percentage of time in port each excursion will take, so you can plan your day accordingly

  • We offer Additional Venue Information that gives you insights into why you'd want to take any particular excursion

  • And for most excursion profiles, we provide videos of the excursions and/or the venues

We Give You The Information You're Looking For...

  • Need some local currency? We tell you where to locate an ATM machine

  • Looking for internet access? We give you the names, locations and the cost of several Cyber Cafes and Wi-Fi hotspots in each port

  • Want to do some shopping? We tell you what's special and worth shopping for in each port

  • Getting hungry? We provide you with the skinny on the unique local dishes you may want to try, and recommendations on restaurants you should check out

  • Exactly how far are the cyber cafes, ATMs, shops and restaurants from the Cruise Terminal? We've got maps that show you exactly where they are in each port

  • Will there be a festival or holiday when you're traveling? We list the biggest holidays and festivals that take place in each port

We Foster Community Among Cruisers...

  • See the reviews our community members have given on many of the shore excursions offered by the cruise lines--as well as dining and shopping recommendations based on their experiences

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About Us

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