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Sunken Ship Snorkel & Tiki Beach


Tour Description

Upon boarding the snorkel boat, you will take a 30 minute ride up along Seven Mile Beach to the site of the scuttled USS Kittiwake. During the sail, you will be issued your snorkel equipment, including mask, snorkel and fins. You'll also be given a general orientation on your day's activities and a safety briefing.

The USS Kittiwake was commissioned in 1945, just 3 weeks before the end of World War II. A US Navy submarine rescue ship, the Kittiwake served in a number of arenas, including the Caribbean, the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean and the North Sea. Decommissioned in 1994, she was bought by the Cayman Islands government to serve as an artificial reef.

The Kittiwake was sunk off the coast of Seven Mile Beach on January 5, 2011. She sits in 62 feet of water on a sandy seabed.

You'll have about one hour to explore the wreck. Frankly, only the most experienced snorkelers will have the opportunity to get close to the wreck. Nonetheless, the clarity of the water is excellent, and you're able to see all the way down to her hull. There are plenty of tropical fish that swim above the wreck.

After reboarding the snorkel boat, you'll be offered a complimentary rum punch or juice as you make your way down Seven Mile Beach to Tiki Beach. Here you will have about 2 hours to relax and unwind on the sand.

At an appointed time, you will board a bus and take the short trip back to the George Town Cruise Ship dock.

Note: Participants must be at least 5 years of age.

Activity Level:


Excursion Length: 4 Hours

50% This activity will take up about 50% of your time in port.

Tour Prices:

NCL: Adults, from $83; kids, from $51

What You Need to Bring:

  • Comfortable shirt and pants or shorts
  • Wear your swimsuit under your clothes
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Bring money for food, snacks, drinks and incidentals
  • Bring your camera

Cruise Line Offering This Tour:

NCL icon NCL

What Else You Need to Know:

Transit to the site: You'll be met by a guide at the George Town Cruise Ship dock and take a 5-minute walk to the snorkel boat.

Who should take this tour:

  • Snorkelers
  • Folks who want to snorkel around the USS Kittiwake
  • Folks who want to explore the beautiful reefs off of Grand Cayman
  • Folks who'd like an aquatic adventure on Grand Cayman
  • Folks who want to spend some time at the beach on Grand Cayman
  • Fun seekers
  • Photographers

What you'll do


Meet guide at Cruise Ship docks

Take a short walk to an adjacent pier, complete paperwork, board snorkel boat (20 minutes)

Orientation, safety briefing and distribute snorkel gear while sailing to the USS Kittiwake site (30 minutes)

Snorkeling activities at USS Kittiwake (1 hour)

Rum punch or juice as snorkel boat sails to Tiki Beach (10 minutes)

Free time at Tiki Beach (2 hours)

Board bus and return to Cruise Ship docks (15 minutes)

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