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Puerto Chiapas Excursions

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Puerto Chiapas is a unique boutique port of call for ships heading north and south on the Panama Canal route between Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and a variety of Caribbean ports, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Puerto Chiapas offers access to the fascinating Mayan Izapa ruins, as well as other eco-friendly and cultural tours. Many travelers have said that their visit to Puerto Chiapas was one of the best that they've ever experienced. Enjoy this port of call!

Your ship will dock at the Cruise Terminal pier in Puerto Chiapas. All excursions will depart from the Cruise Terminal.

Time in Port

In 2015, the cruise lines' ships will make port in Puerto Chiapas for an average of just under 9 hours. For each of the following excursions, we've added an icon that tells you what percent of your time in port is spent on the excursion. With that in mind, you can plan for other activities while in Puerto Chiapas.

Excursion Ratings

We provide rating information on many of the following tours. These star ratings come from Holland America, NCL and CruisePortInsider, and provide a good resource when you're deciding on whether to take an excursion, and if so, which one.

Tour Pricing

We now also provide tour pricing for most excursions, which were posted on the websites of Princess and NCL as of January 25, 2015. It's important to note that the actual price that you'll pay for the excursions may be higher than the prices we publish in our excursions pages.

Rate em!

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Last Updated: January 25, 2015

Chiapas mask

Culinary Tour

Tour Name & Brief Description

Offered By1


Mexican Culinary Class, Music & Culture/ Mexican Cooking Class
3¼ to 4½ hours          Rated 4 Stars

Learn to cook up a storm the Mexican way! In this Mexican cooking class you and your teammates will whip up a number of authentic Mexican dishes and appetizers. Afterwards, you'll dine while enjoying the pleasant rhythms of a local marimba band.


Activity Level:

Low Bus meal 3$s 50%  

Cultural Tours

Tour Name & Brief Description

Offered By1


Izapa Mayan Ruins & Tapachula/ Chiapas Through the Ages: Izapa Ruins & Tapachula/ Chiapas Through the Ages
4½ hours          Rated 3 Stars

Visit the mysterious archaeological ruin of Izapa and the city of Tapachula, where you'll take a walking tour of the town. When in town, you'll have free time to shop.


Activity Level:

Moderate Bus 3$s 50%    

Cacao Pod

Izapa Ruins & Chocolate Demonstration/ Izapa Ruins & Chocolate Discovery
4½ hours          Rated 3 Stars

Explore the Izapa Mayan ruins, and travel to the foot of the Tacana volcano to the town of Tuxtla Chico, nicknamed the "Chocolate City," to see how the locals make chocolate from the cacao plant.


Activity Level:

Moderate Bus snack 4$s 50%  

Stela 5

Mayan Tree of Life & Chocolate Discovery/ Chocolate Discovery Transfer
4 hours          Rated 4 Stars

Learn about the mystery that surrounds Izapa's famous Stela 5. Then visit Chiapas' "Chocolate City" to learn how the sacred cacao bean has been central to the people of this area for millennia.


Activity Level:

Moderate Bus snack 3$s 50%  


Culinary, Cultural & Local Customs Demonstrations
3 hours

A visit to the Garth Norman Center, located near the Izapa ruins, will introduce you to local women who will demonstrate how chocolate has been made in Chiapas for thousands of years. In addition to sampling chocolate, hand-made tortillas and sweet bread, you'll meet and interact with a group of local children.


Activity Level:

Low Bus snack 4$s 30%  


Folk Art, Tequila and Mezcal Tasting & Tapachula
4 hours

Learn about the history and lore of tequila and mezcal as you sample a variety of some of Mexico's best distilled spirits. Then enjoy an hour to explore the fascinating town of Tapachula, where you can see the cultural sights, exercise your shopping gene or grab a bite.


Activity Level:

Low Bus snack 4$s 50%  

Eco Tours

Tour Name & Brief Description

Offered By1


Mangrove Boat Ride & Nature Exploration
5½ hours          Rated 3 Stars

Explore the mangrove forest to view Chiapas' fascinating flora and fauna. You will take an hour-long boat trip down to the sea and back, and you'll view a wide array of unique bird, reptile and fish species. But beware: you'll be driving for a total of 3½ to 4 hours on this excursion.


Activity Level:

Moderate Bus snack 3$s 60%  


Banana Farm & Community Exploration/ Banana Plantation & Rural Community/ Banana Farm & Rural Community
4½ hours          Rated 5 Stars

Take a journey to the Ejido Miguel Aleman banana plantation to learn about the growing and harvesting of bananas in Chiapas. This tour brings you into the heart of rural Chiapas.


Activity Level:

Low Bus 3$s 50%    

Princess icon

Coffee Drinker

Argovia Express: Coffee Tasting & Botanical Garden/ Argovia Coffee Tasting & Botanical Garden
5½ hours          Rated 4 Stars

Spend several hours at Finca Argovia, one of Mexico's most famous coffee plantations. You'll learn about coffee cultivation, processing and sustainable development, and cultivating flowers for export.


Activity Level:

Moderate Bus snack 4$s 60%  

Coffee Beans

Argovia Estate & Flower Plantation/ Argovia Coffee Trail & Flower Plantation
7 hours          Rated 5 Stars

Spend a day at Finca Argovia, one of Mexico's most famous coffee plantations. You'll learn about coffee cultivation, processing and sustainable development, and cultivating flowers for export.


Activity Level:

Moderate Bus meal 4$s 80%  

Hiking Tour

Tour Name & Brief Description

Offered By1


Coffee Trail Hiking
5½ hours

Burn off last night's cheesecake indiscretion with a hike in Chiapas' Sierra Madre mountains. You'll learn about the local flora and fauna, and get a great view of the Tacana volcano.


Activity Level:

Moderate Bus snack 4$s 60%  

Important Information

Notes on the above cruise excursions:

  • The information on the cruise excursions listed above was developed from publicly available sources.
  • The cruise lines may elect to add to, change, delete or otherwise alter the itineraries of the excursions above;
  • The cruise lines may restrict the number of passengers allowed to go on any particular excursion.
  • The cruise lines may impose other restrictions on any particular excursion, including height, weight, minimum age, etc.; make sure to check with them to determine if there are such restrictions.
  • There may be seasonal limitations on certain excursions or tours, such as whale watching. Be sure to check with your cruise line to determine if the tour in which you're interested is available when you're on your cruise.

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